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Door-to-door storage solutions made easy

You need the storage but don’t have the time...
We will take care of it for you.

Select the appropriate box or boxes from our product range and we will courier them to your door. Pack your possessions and notify us to have them picked up by our courier as soon as you are ready. We then store them in our secure facility and when you want the goods returned just notify us of your current shipping address and we will have them couriered back to you immediately. It’s that simple.

You don’t need a vehicle or have to find a storage unit

We pick up and deliver right to your door.

Security is guaranteed

We have been in the Storage business for over 18 years and have established an outstanding reputation for service and security.  Our modern premises are video monitored 24 hrs a day.

Our sophisticated tracking system guarantees your possessions will be returned to you and only you.

We can supply all required packaging materials

Track and trace your package   ph_logo.gif





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